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During bike technique training, we teach the children (depending on their level) a comprehensive understanding of the bicycle and how to use it correctly.

Among other things, the children learn:
- braking correctly
- the right balance on the bike
- the correct viewing technique

What you have learned is applied on the pump track, on the gravel road and on easy and difficult bike trails.


Meeting point at the valley station of the Karbachalmbahn at 09:45 am.

Additionally required equipment:

- Helmet & mountain bike*
- Elbow and knee pads recommended

*You are welcome to rent a helmet and mountain bike from us.


1 hour 65 € (every additional person 20€)

2 hours 120 € (every additional person 25€)

3 hours 175 € (every additional person 25€)

4 hours 210 € (+ 30€ as of 3rd person)

5 hours 230 € (+ 35€ as of 3rd person)

- Anything is possible: technical program, guided tour, trail riding, etc.

- Bookable daily

- Meeting point by appointment

- All prices include VAT.

- Rental bikes, lift tickets, etc. are not included in the price

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