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  • Is there a rental price per hour?
    No, our e-bikes are not rented out by the hour, as the e-bike batteries take several hours to be fully charged. Our e-bikes are therefore only awarded with a daily price. The daily price is valid from 09:00 - 17:00 of the same day.
  • How dirty may the e-bike be when it is returned?
    We don't want to take away the fun of e-biking at all. However, if your e-bike is excessively dirty, we ask that you hose it down with water before returning it.
  • Until when do I have to return my rented e-bike?
    We kindly ask you to return your e-bike to our shop until latest 16:45 of your last rental day.
  • Is it possible to rent an e-bike for several days and do I get a discount?
    You can rent an e-bike for several days. The rental price is slightly cheaper per day. You can find more information on our "Bike Rental" page.
  • Do you also have e-bikes for children?
    Yes, we have e-bikes for children, but only in 26 inches.
  • Do you have e-bikes for women?
    All our e-bike are unisex.
  • How far in advance can/must I reserve an e-bike? Can I come by spontaneously?
    If you already know exactly when you want to rent an e-bike, we kindly ask you to send your reservation request for the e-bike as early as possible. If you only send us a reservation request the day before your desired date, we cannot guarantee availability. Especially not for reservation requests that reach us after 5:00 p.m. You are also welcome to visit our shop spontaneously and pick up an e-bike (if available). However, we cannot guarantee availability of the bikes for spontaneous reservations.
  • Are there certain discounts available?
    The following discounts are available: - 7% discount on the rental price for guests with a HochkönigCard - 12 % discount on the rental price for guests from our partner accommodations (helmets are included)
  • Do you also rent non-motorized mountain bikes?
    For adults we only rent out e-bikes. For children, we have non-motorized mountain bikes (20, 24 and 27.5 inches) available for the children's technique training.
  • Who may take part in the guided tours?
    Our guided e-bike tours are available to the following guests: 1. Guests of our partner accommodations Guests of our partner accommodations can take part in all offered e-bike tours and children's technique training free of charge. We kindly ask you to reserve a tour by latest 5 p.m. the evening before the tour (by telephone or e-mail). 2. Guests with a HochkönigCard Guests with a HochkönigCard can take part in the following tours free of charge: Wednesday: Children's technique training from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m Thursday: E-Bike signature tour from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m We kindly ask you to reserve a tour by latest 5 p.m. the evening before (by telephone or e-mail).
  • In what physical condition must I be to be able to ride an e-bike?
    In principle, anyone who has an average fitness can ride most of the e-bike tours in Mühlbach. *Disclaimer: Your stamina and energy depends on the following factors: - General fitness level - Weight - Familiarity with cycling - your chosen e-bike route
  • What do I need for a guided e-bike tour?
    You will need the following for your e-bike tour: - E-Bike - Helmet (advised!) Both can be rented at our e-bike rental. Please also take the following with you: - backpack - water - snack - sunglasses - extra shirt - rainjacket (depending on the weather)
  • Can my child take part in a guided e-bike tour without an e-bike?
    No, the bike routes in Mühlbach am Hochkönig aren't equipped for kids on non-electric bikes.
  • Who are your partner-accommodations?
    Our partner accommodations are: - The Grünholz Aparthotel - Hotel Bergheimat - pro bylaw - House Anneliese - The royal - My little Alm - Mountain hotel Arthurhaus If you stay in one of our partner accommodations, you get a 12% discount on your bike rental and the helmets are included. You can also take part in any of our guided tours free of charge.
  • Do you have e-bikes for children?
    We have 26 inch e-bikes for children.
  • Do you have a children's programme?
    We offer children bike technique training on Tuesdays* and Wednesdays**. *Participation only for guests of our partner accommodations **Participation for guests with a HochkönigCard & for guests of our partner accommodations
  • Which bikes do you have for children?
    Children's e-bikes - 26 inch Non-motorized children's mountain bikes - 20 inch - 24 inches - 27.5 inches
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